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I just bought a Groupon to have my car detailed.  It’s so yucky inside after this harsh winter. I feel like I need to have the house “detailed.”  I guess having the carpet cleaned is the closet thing to doing that.  Well, I just read this thing about how there’s been a bunch of “carpet [...]
I would tell you how much I love Costco if they paid me to or did any advertising, but they don’t… so, I won’t That being said… there’s this “Costco Code” that’s circulating the inter-webs.  It goes something like this… If a price at Costco ends in .99, you’re paying full price. If it ends [...]
HuffPo editors recently compiled this list of “21 Common Phrases We All Secretly Hate.” Here are the 3 from the list that bother me the most: 1) Everything happens for a reason –Yeah except when it doesn’t. 2) Just sayin — Why do you need to verbally acknowledge the fact that you just said something.  [...]




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