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Dirty dinning.  Bleh! If you might go out to eat this weekend, I’ve got for you some of the best and worst restaurants in town based on health code violations.  I love stories like this. Our partners at RTV-6 did a story on this and one of the most surprising violators — PF Changes in [...]
What Your Favorite Easter Candy Says About You
What’s your favorite? Chocolate Bunny Malted Robin Eggs Peeps Cadbury Eggs Jelly Beans Peanut Butter Eggs See what your favorite Easter candy says about you here. I’m a peanut butter egg guy.  Regular PB cups aren’t tempting, but when you put ‘em in egg form… they’re delicious.  Why is that? Listen to Mayor Ballard talk [...]
Save Your Marriage By Snacking
A new study suggests having a snack could prevent major fights between spouses. Bottom line: low blood sugar makes you “hangry” = hungry+angry.  People need glucose for self control.  And anger is the emotion that most people have difficulty controlling. Have you ever said/done something nasty to your significant other because you were hangry?