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Computer Keyboard Cleaning Hack

Have You Looked At Your Keyboard?

Photo: Creatas / Thinkstock

I've never taken the time to look down and investigate the crumbs in my keyboard. But now, I'm officially grossed out!


The good news is, you only need one thing to transform your keyboard from grubby to great. Check out our easy trick in the video found here and follow the steps below to get cleaning.

1. Make sure your keyboard is disconnected from the computer.

2. Grab a sticky note. Flip it so that the adhesive is on the bottom and insert it into one row of the keyboard. Drag the sticky note between the keys to trap the dirt and crumbs that get stuck at the bottom of the keyboard.

3. Remove the sticky note and admire the gross residue. It's like a pore strip for your computer!

4. Repeat until the keyboard is squeaky clean.


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