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Lose Weight by Eating Dessert First

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A food writer lost 30 pounds eating dessert before she ate her meal! She says it makes her eat less at dinner and helps her out with portion control, plus it eliminates that stressful feeling that you have to hurry up and eat your meal just so you can order something sweet!


Here's what the experts had to say about it:

Clinical nutritionist and personal trainer Jennifer Cassetta says that eating dessert before dinner depends on the kind of dessert.

“It's not a good idea if you are eating something mostly made of pure sugar (like candy). The reason is, it will spike your blood sugar rapidly, which then spikes insulin levels and over time this pattern can set one up for insulin resistance which is the first step in developing type-2 diabetes,” she explained. “However, eating a dessert with a higher fat and/or protein content (like ice cream or avocado-based chocolate pudding) will help lower the glycemic load of the meal and make you feel more satiated and therefore, you’ll probably eat a smaller dinner.”

Dr. Zelana Montminy, author of “21 Days to Resilience,” agrees. “When I do eat sweets I often eat my dessert or fruit before meals. I wait a little while in between, before enjoying my meal, but I find it to be more satisfying to eat sweets before. I can enjoy them more thoroughly if I'm not tainted with savory flavors to start! “


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