Ann Richards

My heart goes out to all moms who are at or beyond their due date. When the baby just isn't budging it can be so miserable. Walking isn't working, climbing stairs isn't making it happen. The bumpy car ride is just so annoying. So what's an expecting mom to do?
How many men do you know who say that they have a special dish that they always make for special people? And, how many of them have basically the same “special” dish like pasta? That is never good news for me because I don’t like pasta. I know that sounds terrible right? However...
photo: Thinkstock I always believed that oranges were at the top of the list when it came to vitamin C. Boy, was I wrong ... Here are 6 foods that have more vitamin C than an orange:
photo: NoirChocolate |Thinkstock What a tasty way to get rid of fat ... I love everything on this list ! 1. Salmon 2. Greek Yogurt 3. Artichokes 4. Brocolli 5. Onions
These Oreo Truffle Footballs look yummy ... and ... really easy to make. Ingredients 1 package Double Stuf Oreos 4 ounces cream cheese 2 cups chocolate, melted 1 cup white chocolate, melted Preparation In a food processor, chop the Oreos until they reach a fine crumb. In a large...
After seeing a month with highs over 61 four times and 9 days in a row above freezing, things are about to change weather wise ... and that also means our chances for getting the flu are increased as well. Here's why.
I love yoga pants, running pants and shirts. I honestly think that they're the most comfortable clothes created and wish that they were the only clothes we needed. However, I'll never stay in them after a workout again after reading this.
photo: demaerre / iStock / Thinkstock Whether getting in shape is your New Year's resolution or you just want to look and feel better, here are 11 foods and recipes that will help you get rid of some fat in your gut:
How do you handle the Santa discussion with your kids? It's a biggie. I believe the spirit of Santa exits ... and lives in all of us. But, how do you explain it to a child who has been looking for his Elf on the Shelf each morning, to a child who has enjoyed the magic of his...