Decorating with food

Posted By: Ann Richards · 6/21/2012 11:10:00 AM

Have you ever considered decorating with food?  I’m talking about the yard.  You can even decorate a very small yard with food.

Recently, I visited a couple’s house in Irvington where the backyard was no bigger than a very small bedroom.  Yet, they are growing tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and even flowers.  There’s even a little fountain in their small space.  It’s heavenly with the scent of hydrangeas, basil, tomato plants and the sound of the fountain.  Most of the ground is covered with a beautiful brick pattern.  The food, flowers and herbs surround the bricks … some in pots … some in raised beds.  It’s picture perfect.

Then, of course there’s the health benefit of growing your own food organically.  We Americans are finally realizing that many of our current health problems are a direct result of our industrialized, mass produced, tasteless food system.  From salmonella to nutrient deficient, tasteless fruits and veggies, genetically modified crops, and pesticides we’re consuming things that we ought not to.  What has taken us so long to get back to the basics?  Whatever it is, I’m just glad we’re finally doing something about it.

The average American currently eats about one hundred pounds of fresh produce per year.   Let’s make that healthy produce from now on.  I love eating food in its original form … picked at its prime fresh from the garden, full of nutrients that have not been forced to grow too fast or sprayed with poisons to deter bugs

I hope the next time you go to plant a bush or a flower, you’ll consider planting a blueberry or raspberry bush, herbs or edible flowers … and … grow them organically.  If you do, you’ll improve your environment and your health.

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