Why Grass?

Posted By: Ann Richards · 7/12/2012 2:08:00 PM

We’re facing a potential mandatory watering ban.  That would make it illegal to water lawns, fill swimming pools or wash your car.  Citizens Water Company says that forty percent of the water right now is going to water our lawns.  How incredible is that … forty percent?
Why do we insist on having large expanses of green grass anyway?  What good is it?  How much harm does it cause?  Think about it … thousands of people use fertilizer and other chemicals on the lawn to keep it thick, lush and green.  We all know that these chemicals aren’t good for us.  I’m allergic to some of them.  Then, we use gasoline in lawnmowers to keep the grass at an acceptable height. Add on top of that the large quantity of water we use to feed the grass. What do we do about this?
I have a suggestion.  Lets create yards that our pretty and eatable.  If we’re going to be watering them anyway we might as well be watering plants that are healthy for us to eat.  That way we save money, save the environment and keep our bodies healthier with organically grown food.  Instead of just planting any old bushes, why not plant blueberry and raspberry bushes.  Plant fruit trees instead of the river birch.    You can even plant grapes.  And don’t forget flowers.  There are many eatable flowers.  And, have you ever seen the beautiful flowers on a squash or cucumber plant? How about herbs?
It’s not too late to start this year.  In the early fall you can plant garlic that will grow through the winter.
Hope you try it.  Here are some pictures to inspire you.


Ann, I don't know if your questions are retorical or if your serious. The issue I see with your comments is that you fail to mention that vegetation is our greatest source of newly produced oxygen. Without vegetation (grass) our atmosphere would stagnate and our children would be struggling to obtain enough oxygen for their growing bodies. I will admit there are other sources, but none of them as renewable as vegetation.

Dave. Thanks for the comment, Dave. Love hearing from you. I too believe in taking care of the vegetation ... plants ... trees ...and ... especially the plants that give us food. I'm simply suggesting that if we are going to be using our precious water in our yards that we use it to sustain those plants that give us more than a "walkway". Yes, grass is important ... however ... fruits and vegetables can sustain us through the year. When water is scarce, I believe that it's important to think about where we spend it. Thanks for listening and reading, Ann

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