Dress Code That’s Criminal

Posted By: Ann Richards · 8/9/2012 4:33:00 PM

Recently Spirit Airlines kicked a guy wearing saggy pants off a flight heading from Chicago O’Hare to Orlando.  That’s the spirit, Spirit. 

Frequently I’ve wanted to ask a person clad in that “fashion” to exit the planet.  Once, while walking behind such a person I actually voiced my opinion with, “pull your pants up”.   Amazingly, he did.  Thank you.

How did this trend begin?   The origin of wearing sagging pants comes from the U.S. prison system due to three primary factors.  First, uniforms issued to prisoners that were too large.  And, secondly, belts are prohibited in the prison system to avoid suicide or to avoid being used as a weapon in fights.  Some people believe that wearing saggy pants was first used as a sign to other inmates that the wearer was available for sexual favors.   Of course, later, the “style” was popularized by hip-hop artists in the 1990’s.  Why?

People wearing saggy pants look undressed.  They look like their legs are too short for their torso and they look like they don’t have the sense to pull their pants up.  When we see a baby walking around with a saggy diaper we say he has droopy drawers.  It’s not a compliment.  Some even think of it as indecent exposure.  Certainly when I saw a guy walking around near downtown with saggy pants recently … the waist of his pants actually positioned at his knees … I thought it was indecent exposure.  I also wondered why he even bothered to wear pants. 

This is a “fad” that must end.  These droopy drawer people don’t have the common sense to pull their pants up.  So parents, if you are the parent of one of these individuals will you please buy him a belt and show him how to use it and where on the body it goes? 

And, please,  tell me if I am alone on this.

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