Separate But Equal

Posted By: Ann Richards · 8/21/2012 11:29:00 AM

Here’s something that I read recently that I can’t believe happened.  I’m glad it did.  However, I can’t believe that people were throwing out something that is yummy and healthy just because it didn’t look perfect. 

Twenty-six years ago, Mike Yurosek got tired of seeing four hundred tons of culls thrown out every day    because of how they looked.  Culls are carrots that are too twisted, knobby, bent, or too broken to sell.  Other than these issues, the culls/carrots are just as healthy and delicious as any “perfectly” shaped carrot. 

So, instead of complaining, Mike did something great.  The cliché’ … when life gives you lemons, make lemonade … comes to mind. He started out by cutting and peeling the culls into something small enough to make use of their straight parts.  Later, he bought a frozen food company and an industrial green bean cutter, which cut the carrots into 2 inch pieces.

When they had been cut, Mike loaded the carrots into an industrial potato peeler to take off the peel and smooth down the edges.  Then he sent some to a Vons supermarket in Los Angeles. 

Imagine his surprise when the very next day he got a call from Vons supermarket asking that he only send them the new little carrots.  And, that’s when the “baby carrots” were born.

The business exploded across the nation.  Stores paid ten cents a bag for whole carrots and sold them for seventeen cents.  However they paid fifty cents for a one pound package of baby carrots and sold them for one dollar. 

Beautiful.  How often do we judge something by its’ looks?  Don’t we just need to follow Mike’s lead and look for all the good qualities, and magnify those so that others will be able to enjoy all the good that it/they/she/he has to offer?

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