Ever wonder what your dog does while you’re away from home?

Posted By: Ann Richards · 9/7/2012 10:59:00 AM

Ever wonder what your dog does while you’re away from home? My dog, Sam, mainly sleeps … I think.

There have been a few times that I’ve returned home to find the toilet tissue from each bathroom strewn everywhere including up and down the stairs. I’ve even come home to find that he has miraculously removed all the bedding off my bed. This is a bed that’s too high for him to jump up on when I’m watching.

However, most often he’s at the door ready to greet me.

Once I had an Irish setter named Angie and a cat named Leo who both always lay facing the door waiting for our return home. I only know that to be the case because a friend who spent a week doing work for us in the house while we were gone told us so. Even though they had his company … they loyally laid in wait for us.

Of course, this is the same Angie who, when she was a puppy, tore up a love seat and ate all my shoes one night because I had been too busy too many days/nights in a row.

Pets are amazing creatures who deserve to be treated like the loving family members that they are. When I go home each afternoon, I try to make a point of letting Sam know that I missed him. I go outside with him instead of just sending him outside to do his business all alone. I talk to him … give him a treat … and take him for a walk.

After all, can you imagine coming home to your spouse or child and totally ignoring him or her? Actually, some people do that … but, it’s not right.

Our pets are living creatures too. And, don’t try to tell me that they don’t have feelings. Just look at this picture. It says it all.

I would love to hear stories about what your pet does while you’re away.

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