The Job Interview

Posted By: Ann Richards · 9/13/2012 5:13:00 PM

I preface this writing with … the following is commentary.

Can you imagine going into a job interview where the other people up for same job were allowed to be in the meeting with you?

Can you imagine if all of the people you would be working with and in front of were allowed to say anything they could think of to condemn your work history and you as a human being?

What if the news media was allowed to give their opinions of your ability to perform the job too?  How about if the media picked up any rumor they could find about you and talked about it as if it were fact?

What if the other folks being interviewed for the same job were allowed to spread false rumors on billboards, in television ads, radio spots and newspaper ads ?

It’s crazy.  So, I ask … why is this the way we go about the interview process when it comes to hiring the next leader of our country?

I propose that we interview our next leader the same way we would interview the next manager of our company.   Private meetings where we asked him/her what he/she had to offer.  What his/her plans were for governing our country … and why he/she was the best candidate for the job?

That way, there would be no mud-slinging … no lies to sift through … just truth as the candidate sees it.

It certainly would cost less.  And, it would make our job of hiring the next President easier.

Now you see why my opening statement is … this is commentary.  It’s just my opinion.  But, I’d love to hear yours.

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