Make Your Own Probiotics?

Posted By: Ann Richards · 9/21/2012 2:16:00 PM

When most of us think of probiotics we think of yogurt. And, I’m guessing that most of us think of the probiotic bacteria as only being healthy for the gastrointestinal system. But it does much more. Probiotics are the live-active cultures that can help prevent and treat a wide variety of ailments. This bacteria can ward off infection and boost the immune system, as well as fight obesity. It’s also been found to help supply all the B vitamins, A, D and K.

But, how do you find probiotics other than from a pill or from what’s in the yogurt section of the dairy aisle? You can make it by fermenting veggies. Just about any vegetable can be fermented to create high amounts of probiotics.

Sauerkraut is probably one of the healthiest. Latest scientific studies confirm that it can help in maintaining a healthy digestion, and lower the cholesterol level. It can even help to prevent cancer, protect the body against infection and inhibit the growth and reproduction of fungi. And, the best part is, you can make it yourself. Love that.

I’ve just completed making a batch and it tastes great. Whether you use a stoneware fermentation pot or a Ball jar, you can create healthy probiotics.

I used a Harsch Stoneware fermentation pot that I found through It’s great because it makes it easy. My doctor makes her Sauerkraut in an old pickle jar. However, her family has been making Sauerkraut for generations. Either way, it’s fun and healthy.

Don’t forget to use organically grown cabbage. And, that’s all it is … cabbage, sea salt, water, and time for the fermenting to take place. You’ll find recipes online or with the Harsch stoneware fermentation pot.

Would love to hear about your fermenting experience and any health benefits you experience.

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