Haunting Experiences

Posted By: Ann Richards · 10/10/2012 4:12:00 PM

Kids growing up in Indiana eventually hear about the “haunted” Avon Bridge, the Hannah House, and the house of blue lights.

We started checking all of them out the first year we could drive a car. We never saw anything supernatural. But we sure had fun looking for an adventure.

So, this month I’ve been wondering if any of you have ever had an actual “haunted” experience. I’ve already talked with a few people who have.

One lady says that she once lived in a house located on the old north side that had been turned into a nursing home, then into an apartment house. That’s when she lived there and she said, “it was definitely haunted”. Each night she heard footsteps walk up the stairs and down the hall to her apartment. One night, she got up the nerve to open the door and found no one there. But, as she stood just outside the open doorway, she did hear footsteps running back down the hall and back down the stairs. I guess she scared who ever or whatever it was away.

I asked Sean Copeland if he had ever had a “haunted” experience. His story is amazing.

A number of years ago he worked at a radio station in St Louis that each October sent its morning team to a listener’s home that claimed that their house was haunted. And, each year as the morning team prepared to spend time in the haunted house, someone on the team would have an experience. One year while one of the team members was driving to work in the wee hours of the morning he spotted a pack of wolves standing on a corner in downtown St. Louis. The whole pack stared at this fellow while he was stopped at the traffic light. Then, as he rolled through under the green light, the whole pack of wolves watched … their heads moving together in unison as he passed them.

After that, Sean began having experiences too. He lived next to a woods that had never bothered him before. However, as the night approached for him to spend time in a listener’s haunted house, he began feeling as if someone was watching him each time he walked past the woods. And, this was just a prelude to the amazing thing that happened next. Once inside the listener’s home, while Sean, his team members from the radio station, and the homeowners were standing in the master bedroom, a breeze began blowing from underneath the closet door. The woman who lived in the house now looked frightened and said, “there’s no vent in that closet”. Someone from the radio station suggested that Sean open the closet door. He tried but the door handle would not turn. “It’s locked,” he told the others present.

“It can’t be,” said the woman who lived in the house. “There’s no lock on that door”.

They all stood for a few beats in stunned silence.

When the breeze stopped blowing out from under the closet door, Sean grabbed the door handle again and this time it turned easily and the door opened.

I have some more experiences to share … but I want to hear some of your experiences first. So please, leave them here for all of us to get the shivers over.

After all, this is such as grand month for sharing our knowledge of what we have witnessed go bump in the night.

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