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Posted By: Ann Richards · 12/3/2012 9:49:00 AM

Every work day I take Pennsylvania to Washington Street … and … each time I see the same homeless man seated with his back up against the same building, his head tucked down as he sleeps. 

As I leave work, I see another homeless man.  He too is in the same spot each day … on Illinois Street outside of T.J. Max. 

And, any day that I walk around downtown, I know that if I walk off Monument Circle onto Market Street, I’ll see another homeless man I’ve come to know as, Bobby. 

As I pass by these folks, my first thought is, “God, please bless this person.”  I don’t know if that’s making a difference in their lives but, I do know something that will help … warm clothes. 

I’m wondering how many of us have spare gloves in the car that have been in there for a year or two.  Gloves we haven’t worn in ions.  How about a warm jacket or hoodie that’s been in the trunk of the car since last year or longer?

I don’t believe in enabling people by giving them everything.  Yes, I prefer to teach a person to fish/garden so that he or she can provide his/her own meals.  But, it’s cold outside.   And, if your hall closet is as full as mine, then you too have an excess of coats and/or gloves.    Also, what can it hurt to get an extra cup of coffee or cup of soup the next time you buy one … one for you … and one for someone who’s standing in the cold not sure where his/her next drink of water will come from. 

Just saying …

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  1. Godfather6190 posted on 12/09/2012 07:19 PM
    Dear Ann,
    You are so right about not enabling the people we see homeless, but its true its getting cold out. Coming to live in indiana from New York..ive given homeless people money ,but really what they need in this cold is warmer clothes. There are many times ive threw them some of my gloves especially when ive saw them rubbing there hands and breathing into them to keep warm. Some of my friends would say to me Joe dont you need those gloves,but as im sitting in my warm car, i look over to them and say "I think they need them more." Im niether rich nor poor but what i have that can help my fellow man,well they can have it,I thank God have the ability for now to get more. This is the season where the homeless and less fortunate can use all the help they can get.Im fortunate with my Diabetis getting worse that i can still help as many people i can...that are far worse than I....
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