Family Holiday Traditions

Posted By: Ann Richards · 12/11/2012 2:59:00 PM

Christmas is so easy to enjoy when there are little ones around.  Colored lights, Christmas trees, sparkling decorations, festive music, cookies and Santa enjoyed for the first time then the following twelve or so times make the kids all giggly and happy.  Watching them experience the magic brings it all back to the front of our brains too.

 I remember when, Mackenna was little, and I would be busy putting decorations away for the year, she would start counting the days until next Christmas.  But, how do you bring the magic to adult children?  The wonderful magic that used to envelope the whole family must still be alive … somewhere?

I think one way is to make sure that you save most of the decorations they make through the early years.  Then, display them proudly until they fall apart.   Sit with the kids when they’re little, read them tales of love for the season, sing Christmas songs together,  have a Christmas movie night, make popcorn to eat, string and hang on the tree. 

 Just make sure you create family traditions … then … keep the traditions alive.  If you look forward to them, they will too.  Though, don’t be afraid to change or tweak them as the kids get older.  Then, be ready to put them back in your plans once the adult children begin having children.   

If you begin creating the magic of the season for your kids … all created with love … they’re going to want the same magic to surround their children too. 

Traditions help the heart to grow fonder of the people they’re shared with.  And, our kids, no matter what their ages, are who we most want to share Christmas magic with. 

And don’t forget to turn on the video camera.  Those movies will be perfect for future Christmas Eve movie nights.

You can help all of us to enjoy the magic of the holiday by sharing some of your family’s traditions right here. 

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