The Little Pigs That Won't Go To Market

Posted By: Ann Richards · 8/7/2013 3:04:00 PM

I really enjoy going to the Indiana State Fair.  Usually I attend at least twice a season … once with Mac and Chase and another time with my friend Cherrie and various others.  Each trip is fun and different from the other. 

However, both trips include the animals.  And, each year, different animals stand out … perhaps it’s their personalities … or … perhaps it’s my mindset when I visit … either way … I walk away feeling closer to all living creatures.

This year it was the baby pigs snuggling together like any small siblings.  They’re adorable.  I can’t imagine lying together like that without some kind of warm emotion for each other.  It certainly wasn’t the temperature of the barn that made them want to snuggle. 

I can’t imagine witnessing something so sweet without something within me changing.  What’s the change?  Well … before I walked in on the baby pigs naptime I had been considering a pulled pork barbecue sandwich … and now … I can’t stomach the thought of a pulled pork anything. 

Then, today I found an article about a man who had lunch with former President Bill Clinton.  When he walked into the luncheon a fit and trim looking Clinton ushered him over to a table filled with roasted cauliflower and cherry tomatoes, spiced and herbed quinoa with green onions, shredded red beets in vinaigrette, garlicky hummus with an array of vegetables, plates of sliced melon and strawberries, and beans tossed with onion in extra-virgin olive oil.  As the man chatted with the former cheeseburger lover about his diet, Clinton told him that he had stopped eating meat, cheese, milk and fish.  The vegan diet worked.  Clinton looks great and has more energy than ever.   I’m guessing his heart is healthier too. 

At times, I’ve wondered why we eat meat.  It’s certainly not due to a lack of options.  It’s not like we’re in the middle of nowhere without other food choices.  And, why do we take milk from another creature?  That bothers me a bunch. 

So, thanks to some adorable babies and a fit and trim former president I’m switching over to something more humane. 


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