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Homemade Lavendar Oil

Lavender oil is something I use all the time. I’ve used it to make furniture polish, in the laundry, also on my skin.

It has relaxing properties, so adding a few drops to your bath, or on your pillow at night will help you to unwind. It’s also antibacterial and can be mixed with a carrier oil, and used over burns and cuts to help heal the skin. It can even be inhaled deeply to reduce congestion. So, when I found this information I knew I wanted to share it with you.

How to Make Homemade Lavender Oil
Things you’ll need:
Enough carrier oil to fill small glass jar … (olive oil or almond oil are good choices)
Lavender flowers
Small glass jar
Rubber band
Plastic cling wrap

Run your fingers along the lavender stems and collect the flowers.
Put collected flowers in glass jar.
Warm carrier oil in a saucepan.
Pour oil in glass jar covering flowers.
Put plastic cling wrap over jar and secure with rubber band.
Allow the oil mixture to steep for a month in a cool, dark place. During which time you’ll need to gently shake the jar once a day to allow ingredients to mix well.
After a month, strain the mixture then pour the oil into an amber colored glass bottle with a tight fitting cap. Then use it as you like.

Hope you enjoy your homemade lavender oil.

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