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What Can We Do With Coffee Grounds?

About eighty-three percent of folks in the U.S. drink coffee. That means that we have a lot of coffee grounds to contend/play with. The good news is that we can re-use the grounds for a number of other things.

Pest Repellant … Having trouble with ants? Trace the little bugs back to their entry spot and put out some coffee grounds … they hate the aroma.

Homemade Wood Stain … while store-bought wood stains contain harsh chemicals and produce terrible fumes … coffee grounds offer an effective, safe, organic alternative for staining wood … and smells great.

Naturally Deodorizing Flower Vase … Simply put coffee grounds into a clear vase … add some fresh cut flowers … and … enjoy the aroma of both the coffee grounds and flowers … Don’t forget to water …

Refrigerator Deodorizer … Just place old grounds in a bowl or mason far and set it in the fridge … the coffee will naturally deodorize the fridge …

If you have some more uses for old coffee grounds … please share … \

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