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The 4 Humans You Should Trust as Much as Your Dog

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Your Hair Stylist

TheCut.com said it best: The relationship rules you have with your hairstylist aren’t that different from the ones you might have with your significant other: don’t lie, don’t cheat, break up with dignity. But, for the relationship to really work, you need to trust each other.

Honesty is key on both ends. If a stylist knows that shade is going to wash your complexion out, they'll tell you! If you think the angle of your bob makes your face book fat, make it known! You don't want to walk around feeling like you have chubby cheeks for three weeks and come back to the chair with trust issues.


Your HVAC Technician

Being a homeowner is hard. There are things we can Jimmy Rig and Duct tape until the cows come home and there are things we can fix after watching a 30 second ad and a YouTube video. Then there are things we know MUST be left with the professionals. Heating and Air Conditioning is definitely one of those things. Larry Howald and his team are devoted to working with customers honestly and ethically. And if you don't get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside after you read their "Promise to Customers" page, maybe that $20 OFF coupon at the bottom of the page or their Meet the Staff Monday segment on Facebook will ;)


Your Car Mechanic

Besides your home, your car is probably next on the Big Purchase list and it's important to invest time and money for maintenance in your ride. You don't want a seedy shop that upcharges out the wazoo for maybe 30 minutes of work and a $10 part! Here's some tips for finding a great mechanic – and most importantly, one that you can trust!
  1. Ask for the mechanic's certifications.
  2. Check the company's reputation.
  3. Look for the shop's affiliations.
  4. Look for a mechanic that is willing to show you the problem.
  5. Go with your gut.


Your Plumber

This is another one those things that should not be Googled or YouTubed and left to the professionals. Not only does Larry Howald love your furnace and air conditioner, he loves your plumbing too! Don't ignore that leak until it becomes a flood or that sump pump back up. Give Larry a call and keep things flowing properly in your home.


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