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5 Clever Christmas Decoration Storage Hacks

For those of you who haven't put away Christmas decorations, use these 5 Clever Storage Hacks from Ever & Ivy and you'll thank yourself next year! 


1. Wrapping Paper Storage - Store your wrapping paper in a hanging garment bag. It's better than storing in a tote that takes up space and won't wrinkle your wrapping paper.


2. Wrapping Paper Clamp - Cut an empty toilet paper roll and slide it over the roll of wrapping paper to hold it together before storing it away. It will keep the roll from unraveling.


3. Bow Saver - Insert an empty toilet paper roll into the folds of the bow to keep its shape.


4. No-tangle Christmas Lights - Cut slits on both sides of a piece of cardboard and simply wrap your Christmas Lights around the piece of cardboard inbetween the slits. Voila! No tangles!


5. Beaded Garland Dispenser - Use an empty water bottle as a garland dispenser by making a small hole in the lid with an x-acto knife, filling the bottle with the beads, pulling one bead through the hole and twisting the cap back on the bottle. 


For full instrucitons, click here.


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