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5 Shedding Season Survival Tips

In Partnership with Noah's Animal Hospitals

Can you believe spring is already upon us? As Fido and Fluffy take off their winter coats, you might find lots of your pet’s fur dropping as the temps rise! Below, Noah's Animal Hospitals share their advice on dealing with your furry friend’s wardrobe change:

While brushing won’t reduce the amount of fur your four-legged pal sheds, it will capture much of that dead hair in a brush, so less of it will end up stuck to your clothing and furniture. To reduce the amount of fur that you end up wearing, get a spare apron for grooming sessions, and wear that when brushing your furry friend. If your pet has a very heavy coat, you may want to get a shedding blade. An extra trip to the groomer’s isn’t a bad idea either.

Feeding your pet a high-quality, nutritious diet can also help with shedding. Nutrition plays a huge role in the overall health of your pet’s fur. Good, nourishing food will keep your furball’s coat shiny and healthy, and can reduce the amount of dead fur they lose.

Cleaning Hacks
It isn’t a bad idea to vacuum more often than usual while your pet is shedding. Did you know that a squeegee works great at removing fur from carpets or upholstery? Try it! A dry sponge or damp washcloth can also be very effective. We also recommend putting removable, washable slipcovers on your furniture, at least during shedding season.

Keep Fluffy Indoors
Outdoor pets often shed more than those who stay indoors. This is because pets that stay indoors are protected from the seasonal changes that often trigger shedding. Of course, Fido needs potty breaks and exercise, but Fluffy is better off staying indoors.

Don’t Wear Fur!
Your pet may have a beautiful coat, but that pretty fur definitely won’t look right on you! Choose fabrics that fur won’t stick to, like silk and rayon, and avoid materials that trap hair, like velvet or cotton. Remember, the lint roller is your friend. You may want to keep a few extra ones on hand this time of year!

Noah's Animal Hospitals & the Southside Animal Shelter are teaming up to help find loving homes for cats and dogs in local Indianapolis animal shelters.


About Noah's Animal HospitalsWe are a family owned, locally operated group of veterinary clinic serving the Indianapolis, IN area and surrounding communities. With eight convenient locations to serve you, including three 24 hour emergency hospitals, Noah’s is dedicated to providing you and your pet with the best possible health care and exceptional client service, exceeding your expectations with every interaction. In fact, they like to consider themselves “the best friend of your best friend.”


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