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7 Totally Achievable Financial Resolutions to Make in 2018

B Smart Money Minute powered by FORUM Credit Union

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At the dawn of a new year, you may find yourself reflecting on your past financial habits and, let's be honest, it can be overwhelming figuring out what you need to improve on.

"Can't someone just tell me what to do with my money?!"

Yes, yes they can. Andy Mattingly from FORUM Credit Union has 7 Totally Achievable Financial Resolutions for you to make in 2018:


1. Use a Budgeting Tool

2. Increase your 401K contribution

3. Add one more month to your Emergency Savings Fund

4. Set up alerts on all of your Financial Accounts

5. Reduce your non-mortgage debt by 10%

6. Reduce one costly habit you have

7. Pick one expense to save for

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