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The Best Dang Drive-In's Around Indy

Indianapolis Drive-In Theaters
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One of our summertime favorite pastimes as children was going to the drive-in. Did you know there are still several fully operating drive-ins in Indiana? We knew of a couple...but had no idea there are 5 all within an hour of the city! 





1. Tibbs Drive In Theatre

Location: 480 South Tibbs Avenue, Indianapolis, IN (Just West of the City)
Telephone: 317-243-6666
Ticket Prices: Adults 13+ $10, Children 4-12 $6, Children Under 4 Free
Website: http://www.tibbsdriveintheatre.com/
Showtimes: http://www.tibbsdriveintheatre.com/nowshowing.htm


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2. Skyline Drive-In (Shelbyville)

Location: 3986 East Michigan Road, Shelbyville, IN (Southeast of the City)
Telephone: 317-398-6150
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $7, Children 3-11 $3, Children Under 3 Free
Website: http://www.theskylinedrivein.com/
Showtimes: http://www.theskylinedrivein.com/NowShowing.html



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3. M.E.L.S. at the Starlite Drive-In
Location: 8721 N. State Road 39, Thorntown, IN (South of Frankfort on Highway 39)
Telephone: 765-325-2230
Ticket Prices: $22 per carload
Website: http://www.melsdrive-intheatre.com/
Showtimes: http://www.melsdrive-intheatre.com/


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4. Centerbrook Drive-In
Location: 6735 State Road 67 North, Martinsville, IN (Just Southwest of Indianapolis)
Telephone: 317-831-1526
Ticket Prices: Adults 13+ $8, Children 6-12 $4, Children Under 6 Free
Website: http://www.centerbrookmovies.com/
Showtimes: http://www.centerbrookmovies.com/



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5. Canary Creek Drive-In
Location: 870 Mallory Parkway, Franklin, IN (In the West End of Town)
Telephone: 317-738-1041
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $8.50, Children 2-11 $6.50, Senior 65 & wiser $7.50
Website: http://www.canarycreekcinemas.com/
Showtimes: http://www.canarycreekcinemas.com/drive_in.cfm







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