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Wanna Go For a Ride?! Top Tips for Transporting Fido and Fluffy

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Do you wanna.... go for a ride?!

Ah, we just love our fur babies' reactions to that question.. from the quick tornado around the living room and the scurry on over to the door! Whether you're taking the furball on a playdate or to a check up at Noah's Animal Hospitals, here's some tips for a safe trip for Fido and Fluffy:


Tips for Fido:

Have you recently added a puppy to your household? Congratulations! Little Fido has lots to learn in his first year, as he figures out the do’s and don’ts of being a dog. One thing he’ll need to get used to is riding in cars. Whether you plan to take your canine pal out and about with you frequently, or only for occasional veterinary appointments or dog park excursions, you’ll need to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable in the car.



We strongly recommend keeping your canine pal crated on car rides. There are far too many ways for a curious puppy to get into trouble if he’s loose in the car! Be sure to choose the sturdiest crate you can find. You can also get doggy seat belts and harnesses, or wire or mesh barriers, but these may not offer Fido enough protection in case of an accident. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.



Little Fido won’t be used to the stops and starts a car ride entails, and may slide around a bit until he gets the hang of it. Be sure to make his crate comfy by adding a soft blanket or pillow.



Keeping the little one at comfortable temperatures is very important. Never, ever leave a dog in a hot car! In the summer, Dr. Tony Johnson says to resist the temptation to take your dogs in the car, even for a short trip. The inside of a car can become a deathtrap in just a few minutes, and we’ve all had those “just a few items” shopping trips that become a marathon of consumerism, and that’s plenty of time to expose your dog to heatstroke in the car. Leave the pooch on the couch and crank the AC.



Did you know that dogs can get carsick? If little Fido isn’t used to cars, he may get an upset tummy. To prevent carsickness, don’t feed your pooch just before car rides, and crack the windows enough to allow good airflow. Contact your local Noah's Animal Hospital to learn about Cernia, a motion sickness medication safe for Fluffy and Fido!



You’ll want to keep your canine pal leashed while going to and from the car, but unclip his leash while traveling. Choose a leash that you can easily snap on and off your pup’s collar.



Make sure that little Fido always wears his tags and collar for car rides. We also recommend keeping copies of his vaccinations in your glove compartment, so you always have them.


Puppy Car Kit

Make a little car kit for your pup. Include a few gallons of water; a dish; a leash; treats; a first aid kit; plastic bags; and a waste scooper.

Tips for Fluffy:

Cats may be small, but these little furballs are big on personality. In fact, Fluffy and her friends can be quite opinionated! Your pet may show distinct preferences for napping spots, cuddle positions, and how she likes to be petted or played with. Kitties can also make it clear when they dislike something. Car rides, for instance, are not very popular with the majority of our feline friends. Your cat may bolt the moment she sees her carrier, and may meow pitifully the entire time she’s in the car. Read on as a local Carmel, IN veterinarian offers some tips for keeping cats calm on car rides:



If your furry pal only sees her carrier when it’s time to go to the vet, well, let’s just say she may not form the best association with it. (We know we’re not exactly Fluffy’s favorite place to visit, but we don’t take it purrsonally. While we have the utmost concern for our feline patients’ health and well-being, we do understand that kitties may not see it that way.) Keep the carrier out at all times, and make it inviting by adding a soft blanket and some toys.


The Car

Try not to feed your feline buddy just before bringing her on a car ride, as she may get an upset stomach. Contact your local Noah's Animal Hospital to learn about Cernia, a motion sickness medication safe for Fluffy and Fido! Your cat may shed furiously on the ride, so you may want to put a blanket down on your car seat. For safety purposes, Fluffy should always travel in a carrier. Letting a kitty roam about the car is very dangerous: your pet could interfere with the driver, or set off the power window control! 


Soothing Your Pet

While driving, keep the radio on low, and talk to your cat in a soothing tone of voice. Your feline pal may meow plaintively to express her distress. Try to find a good station for your furball to sing along to. If your kitty gets extremely distraught in the car, ask your vet about using cat-calming products, such as sprays or collars. When you get home, give your furry friend a special treat, like a bit of tuna or chicken, and perhaps a new toy, and spend some quiet time with her. 


Wish you had a furry friend to go for a ride with? Ride on over to Southside Animal Shelter! They have tons of kitties and precious pups who would love to ride home with a new family:


Southside Animal Shelter: Available Pets - August 2017

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Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is a tiny, loving young adult Maltese mix who came from a hoarding / breeder situation and needs a loving family. Contact info to adopt: | 317-294-5259


Noah's Animal Hospitals & Southside Animal Shelter are teaming up to help find loving homes for cats and dogs in local Indianapolis animal shelters.

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