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5 Wine & Food Pairings You Must Try + The Perfect Event to Test Them At

B105.7's Vine and Unwind with Tasteful Times

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Trying to master the best Wine & Food pairing experience?  Can't figure out what Wine you want to drink with your pizza? Pairing Wines & Food can seem very difficult even when you try to memorize past pairing experiences.  Don't worry we are here to help!

Below there is 5 Different food categories that are each paired with different wines.  We hope you enjoy!


White Meats- Medium Red, Light Red, and Rich White 

Red Meats- Medium Red and Big Red 


Cheese Pizza- Light Red (Pinot Noir)

Veggie Pizza- Rich White (Chardonnay)

Meat Lover's- Big Red (Cabernet Sauvignon)


House Salads- Light Dry White (Albarino)

Caesar Salad- Rich White ( Oaked Chardonnay)

Fruit Salad- Sweet White ( Moscato d'Asti)


Vegetable Soup- Light Dry White ( Pinot Grigio)

Mushroom Soups- Rich White ( Chardonnay)


You've had your meats, salads, soup and pizza........the only thing left is your DESSERTS!


Cupcakes- Dessert Wine ( Sherry, Port & Tawny Port)  or  Sweet White ( Riesling, Moscato) 

White Chocolate- Sweet White ( Moscato d'Asti)



These are only a few of the great pairings out there.  But if you want to try some of these great pairings without having to think to hard......well we have that event for you!

A Celebration of Wine, Food, Music & Friends, B105.7 & Tasteful Times have partnered to bring you an exclusive Wine Tasting Event! 


What is this event?

B105.7's Vine & Unwind with Tasteful Times is a time for you to sample and learn about new, exciting wine varieties from the experts at Tasteful Times and snack on food from local restaurants in a relaxed cocktail hour setting... all while supporting the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Indiana

FoxGardin, BoombozzChef Suzanne's, Soupremacy, and Gigi's Cupcakes will be bringing plenty of food to snack on and Tasteful Times has 60+ Wines!


Also there will be a silent auction going on with proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Indiana!  Those items inlcude:

  • 3 Months of Wine Club from Tasteful Times
  • 2 Magnums of wine = 1 The Prisoner Wine & 1 Mount Veeder Cabernet
  • Wine & Food Basket from Tasteful Times
  • 4-pack of Lawn tickets to a show of your choice at  Klipsch Music Center during the summer of 2018
  • $500 gift card to Distinctive Diamonds
  • $200 gift certificate to Studio 2000

For more information and to purchase tickets click here!

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