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Melissa Joan Hart: Clarissa’s a muse

Melissa Joan Hart is happy Clarissa’s fashion “inspired” people.

The 38-year-old actress took on the role of the bubbly teenager in the hit ’90s TV show, which wrapped up in 1994. During her time on the program she wore a host of head-turning outfits all resonant of the era, such as tie-dye and denim.

Looking back at the fashion, Melissa realizes how significant her alter ego’s style was away from the small screen.

“What I hear on the street from fashion designers and people in the industry is that they were inspired by her. Jaime Pressly, who’s a friend of mine, was doing a clothing line for a while, and some of the girls working for her were just, like, crazy about [Clarissa],” Melissa recalled to elle.com.

“I, myself, was being dressed in these things and I’m like, ‘I don’t get it.’ And I’d try to mimic it myself, but it’s actually so hard – the way they were putting things together doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s wasn’t like, match a purse with your shoes… it kind of went against all the laws and all the fashion rules, and I think that’s what people liked about it. People love a fashion rebel.”

Melissa was dressed by costume designers Lisa Lederer and Bruce Marshall on the show. A decade on the former teen star still sees hints of rebelliousness like Clarissa’s in other female celebrates.

“Look at Lady Gaga or Rihanna – any of the ones that stand out are the ones that take the risks. And Clarissa took a lot of risks and people really loved it,” Melissa smiled. “I saved every single piece that I wore on that show and I have them in my theatre closet in my basement. My dad is in construction so we have full theatre closets where I keep everything. I’m a total hoarder.”

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