Mickey Waffles

Posted By: Kurt Wallace http://www.b1057.com/blogs/kurt/home.aspx · 8/10/2011 8:50:00 AM
My wife Amy is wonderful.  Every first day of school, she has served our kids Mickey Mouse Waffles.  It's been a tradition for years in our home.  And this year, it's kinda sad, because this year is the last year we'll do it.  Our daughter Kimberly is a senior and today had her waffles.  I was trying to count how many waffles Amy has made over the years.  I'm thinking 39? 
Traditions, no matter how small, help build family unity.  They remind us that though we are individuals, we are one.  Even if it's a Mickey Mouse waffle that so!

Men are Wimps!

Posted By: Kurt Wallace http://www.b1057.com/blogs/kurt/home.aspx · 7/22/2011 8:01:00 AM
Hello, this is Amy Wallace, Kurt's wife.  He hasn't been blogging lately because he recently had "elbow" surgery.  He says he can't type.  It hurts.  Of course, that's the same excuse he's used all week for why he can't buckle his seat belt, can't cut his meat, can't pull the sheets over his body, can't put deodorant on under his left arm, can't put his socks on, can't load the dishwasher, can't spread mayo on his turkey sandwich...and the list, goes on and on!  Ladies, you know what I'm talking about, when we're injured, or, like me had a surgery, the next day, we are back doing what we do!  If we didn't, it just wouldn't get done.  As for Kurt, well, he hopes to be able to type again next week.  He's not sure he's ready for the dishwasher yet though.  Go figure!  Men are wimps!

Kate Plus 8

Posted By: Kurt Wallace http://www.b1057.com/blogs/kurt/home.aspx · 6/28/2011 9:16:00 AM
I was watching that Kate Plus 8 show on tv the other night.  Wow, it seems like she has it all together, taking care of those 8 kids, all by herself!  3 days in Tennessee volunteering at food banks, soup kitchens, appearances and racing around Bristol motor speedway, all wrapped up neatly in a hour show!  Amazing!  Got me to thinking of the "real life" that happened between the edits.  How would we view Kate if we saw what got chopped on the edit room floor?  I bet we'd see a stressed woman who has lots of help with those kids.  What plays for reality on tv, isn't reality at all.  Mom pleading with someone to carry the laundry basket downstairs, put the toilet paper on toilet paper holder and to please close the kitchen cabinets when you're done!  That's real life.  Letting the dogs out, deciding which bill to pay ...

To Fail or Not to Fail?

Posted By: Kurt Wallace http://www.b1057.com/blogs/kurt/home.aspx · 6/20/2011 10:22:00 AM
It's one of the hardest things to do as a parent...let your kids fail.  Man, that one is tough!  You don't want them to go through the "bad stuff", especially when you can help prevent it! 
But, as we know, nothing in parenting is black and white. It's fine to theoretically say that all children must make mistakes and fail, but when it's our children, all that great insight can go out the window. To put it in a baseball analogy, which I like to do, "you just don't want to be there when they strike out."

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