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Heather Tallman (our resident busy mom who likes to cook from joins me each week to chat about life, food, trends, must make recipes, etc. Neither of us will be caught dead in a restaurant on Valentine's Day... too crowded, too pricey, and too cliche. So, instead...
Try this. I guarantee it'll make a positive difference... Audio titled What Sean Learned In Therapy This Week: The Game That Could Transform Your Relationship by Sean Copeland photo credit: Thinkstock / iStock / fizkes
It'll be out this spring and will be a little spendy for me... $25 / bottle. More here. Photo credit: Getty Images / Kevin Mazur / Contributor
Who tops your list of bucket list performers to see? I think Sir Elton is right at the top for me. He announced yesterday that he'll retire after a 300 city tour.. and Indy made the cut. He'll be here fall of 2019! He's got to end the tour in a BIG way. Maybe he'll finally...
Def Leppard coming to town this summer. Details here . My grandma Bessie grew up in the 1930s picking cotton in South Carolina, she was a saint, and my favorite person who has ever lived... but one time she RUINT a Def Leppard concert for me... Audio titled How My Grandma Bessie...
So, the pic above is the city's "pothole viewer." Basically Indianapolis is one GIANT pothole right now #NotBlessed I was #blessed, however by this phone call on the topic of pothoLes... Audio titled Pothole Problems: Let's Take Some Calls! by Sean Copeland
I think we should all be in therapy, but I'm paying for it so you don't have to... Audio titled What I Learned In Therapy This Week by Sean Copeland Photo credit: Thinkstock / iStock / fizkes
Looking to do Valentine's Day on the cheap? Read this: 10 Ways to Give Your Love the Best Valentine's Day Ever (Without Spending a Dime) Photo credit: Thinkstock / iStock / GeorgeRudy
Sean Copeland's song paying tribute to those in Central Indiana who struggle to drive in the snow... Audio titled Song "We Don't Know How To Drive In The Snow" by Sean Copeland Photo Credit: lior2 / iStock / Thinkstock