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CrimeCon: Convention For Lovers Of True Crime Shows Coming To Indy

A weekend of motives, murder, and mystery!

If like me you binge watched Making a Murderer, love 48 Hours, Dateline, and all things on the Investigation Discovery channel... then I'll see you here!


CrimeCon -- the first ever convention for lovers of true crime shows is happening June 9-11...and it's happening right here in Indy (at the JW Marriott to be exact).


Love this description from the website...

A celebration of all things true crime, CrimeCon brings the cases you love to life through immersive experiences, incredible guests, and a ton of mystery and intrigue. It was created for those of us who binged on Making a Murderer or who spend more hours watching Dateline marathons than we'd like to admit.

CrimeCon transports fans from the couch to the crime scene and into courtroom. If your idea of the perfect night involves alibis, motives, and a bottle of wine, then this is the event you've been waiting for. Grab a few true crime-obsessed friends and join us in for a an unforgettable weekend. 


Celebs will be there... including Nancy Grace, a Dateline reporter, and the prosecutor from Making a Murderer.


Get more here.


I have a chance for you to win an excluvie CrimeCon experience with a private themed escape room, a private cocktail party with some of the CrimeCon celebs, and more. Watch my FB page for details.

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