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Top 8 Foods We Hate The Most

70% of men and 81% of women say they have at least one food they HATE!  How about you?

For me it's goat cheese. Bleh!  It tastes dirty!  I can taste even a tiny bit of it from a mile a way ;)


According to a recent poll, these are the top 8 foods we admit to hating

  1. Anchovies
  2. Olives
  3. Blue cheese
  4. Goat cheese
  5. Avocado
  6. Brussels sprouts
  7. Salami
  8. Mushrooms

I used to hate blue cheese and olives...but have really come around on both in recent years. Now, there's nothing better in my mind than a blue cheese stuffed olive (in a martini of course).

That's a whole other topic.. foods you hated as a kid but now love.  That list is long for me.  I was a picky kid, but not as an adult! I grew out of it.  Some peopel never do.  Especially guys.  You agree?

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