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What's Your DJ Name?

You hate to be a disappointment to your family, but apparently I am.


I saw some family last week who I hadn't seen in 15 years, including a cousin who was 2 last time I saw him (so 17 now).  His mother told him he was going to meet his cousin who's a DJ in Indianapolis and he was so excited... He thought I was some big time club DJ.  When I told him I was merely a soft rock morning show host, you could see the disappointment in his eyes.


By the way -- one of the most popular DJs in the country right now is DJ Snake.  And I saw this thing that said the formula for coming up with your own DJ name is as follows:


DJ + your greatest fear = Your DJ Name


That makes me DJ Home Invasion.  That actually sounds pretty bad a** doesn't it? :)

Photo Credit: Drablenkov / IStock / Thinkstock

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