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Why You Always Choose The Slowest Line At The Grocery

It feels like I always choose the slowest line.  Turns out.. I do!

Read this thing that said the odds really are against you.  If there are 3 lanes open, you've only got a 33% chance of picking the fastest one...meaning 2 out of every 3 times, you'll pick incorrectly...and see other people moving faster than you.  It's not just in your head!

So how do you get the fastest line?

Places like Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and TJ Maxx have it right.  They use a system that funnels everyone through ropes into one line...and the 1st person just goes to the next available cashier.  Analysis shows this IS a faster way to check out, but studies show we just don't like it.  We like to feel like we're in control...even though we're not.

I like to feel in control even though I'm not <-- story of my life!

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