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Sean's Blog: I owe some listeners a public apology

I've done a topic throughout this week about the "fattest" thing you've ever done... inspired by my own story of going through the Rally's drive-thru while on my way to pick up Chinese food. 

I intended it to be a "funny, amusing, don't beat up on yourself..because I've done it too" sorta topic...and listener Theresa understands that, but she also comes at this from a totally different angle.. an angle I'm sorry I didn't consider until now.  Theresa isn't upset with me, but I've since learned that some people are.. accusing me of "fat shaming."  Again...not my intent.  How could I fat shame when I personally battle weight?

I have struggled with my weight my entire life (as have many in my family)... and I never intended to make light of the struggle.

Theresa posted the following on Facebook, shared it with me, and gave me permission to post here...


One person who is a local radio host who I see as a friend is doing segment on the "fattest thing" you've ever done. People are talking about eating cakes and stuff. I decided to be very real, as I felt the tears welling up in me. I've been struggling recently with my food addiction again, and I've simply wanted to be honest with myself and with listeners about what it is like living with an addiction. I mentioned trying to find humor - but I was fighting back tears

My fat list. As a person who has faced food addiction much of my life and am even recently experiencing addiction, I have such a long list of fattest things. I try to find humor in it all, but sometimes it is hard.


I've once eaten 1+ jars of peanut butter with just a spoon (and have been known to eat PB with just my fingers when I lived alone.) I've also eaten cake frosting the same way

I've eaten a whole batch of cookies that I froze so I wouldn't eat them all

I've eaten multiple boxes of Girl Scout cookies in one day (they were also frozen)

Yesterday, I had a bad addiction day. I ate most of a bag of peanut M&Ms, a ton of Cheezits, a couple cookies, fro-yo, and a churro. (I felt sick since I'm not really used to that.... I think it's hormones this time, ugh)

On more than one occasion, I ate a can of Progresso soup with just a spoon from the can before heating it up.

I've eaten boxes of cereal in one sitting before (cocoa puffs)

I made 2 boxes of Kraft Mac n Cheese so I could have leftovers and then ate it all.


Ok, I'm done.... but this is the reason why I've had to shed over 110lbs and still have 25 to go. For some people, these "fattest things" are funny.... for some of us, these are lifelong struggles."

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