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Your Smartphone Is Costing Restaurants Money

This is fascinating.

10 years after it opened a restaurant in midtown Manhattan is still full almost every night, but profits keep going down.  When they adjust for inflation, food costs, etc... profits are still (as a precentage) way off from where they should be -- especially given the fact that the place is full everynight.

They began to study security footage from July 2004...and compared it to security footage from July 2014 and what they found is amazing:

Today's technoogy (smart phones) distracts diners. It takes them longer to order, longer to eat, longer to pay, and then they blame the restaurant for the wait!  All of those extra minutes have added up to the restaurant turning over fewer tables on a busy night in 2014 than they did in 2004 -- and smartphones are TOTALLY to blame!

--More than half of diners spent an average of 3 minutes taking pictures of food

--A third of those people retake the photo

--More than half asked their waiter to take a group photo..and half of those folks asked the server to re-take the pic


So, what do you think?  Are cellphones really causing massive disruptions to restaurant service? Would you be a fan of restaurants banning cell phone use in their dinning room?

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