Sean Copeland's Five Favorite Things

My name is Sean. I host a little radio show 5-10A on B105.7!

Here are Sean Copeland's 5 Favorite Things right now:

1:  Topeca Coffee

When you think of great coffee, like me you probably think of Colombia, Seattle, and Tulsa. Wait. Tulsa? I was in OK visiting some friends a couple years ago and discovered this coffee from a shop there. You can keep your K-cups..this is all I brew at home! More Info

2: Breaking Bad

I'm a little late to the party but have been catching up on this show. It's weird to be rooting for a drug dealer, but I just can't help myself. I love it so much in fact, I'm planning a trip to Albuquerque (where the show is set) this fall. More Info

3: Dreamfields Pasta

Had some diet lady on the air who raved about this pasta. She said it only has 5 net carbs per serving..typical pasta has 40+ carbs per serving. She said it tastes just like regular pasta..and she's right! You can get it in the regular pasta aisle. I found it at Kroger. More Info

4: Pineapple Infused Vodka

Fill up a pitcher with fresh or frozen pineapple...then submerge it in vodka...let it sit for 3 days...and enjoy! I mix mine w/ Diet Sprite, but it's almost so good you can drink it straight! Perfect warm weather cocktail. More Info

5: Key Ring App

I got tired of carrying 12,000 reward and loyalty cards on my key ring, so I uploaded all my cards to this app. Now when I'm at the grocery, for example...I just open this app, they scan my phone, and I'm on my way. More Info


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