Ann Richards' 5 Favorite Things

1. Moscato Wine

I started making wine a little more than a year ago. I have yet to make the same kind twice. I guess I’m looking for that special wine that everybody will like. So this time, I’m making Moscato. It’s one of my favorites.

2. “Inferno”

I just bought Dan Brown’s new book, “Inferno” . I’ve been looking forward to reading it ever since I heard that he was working on it. I just love the main character, Robert Langdon. He’s brilliant, and gets to travel to all kinds of magical places. Dan Brown says that his hope for this book is that it will inspire readers to either discover or to rediscover Dante. I hope he gets his wish.

3. Gardening

The gardening season can never arrive too soon for me. Five kinds of tomatoes, green beans, cayenne peppers, chili peppers, jalapeños, strawberries, two kinds of basil, and rosemary are all planted. I’ll be planting watermelon and squash later this week … and … more.

4. Planning a cookout

I love having cookouts and like to include “projects”. One time we made hypertufa pots. That was fun … and … a little messy. This time I’m thinking about turning small flower pots into candle holders.

5. Big Bang Theory

When I’m exercising or just trying to relax, I love watching the Big Bang Theory. It’s my very favorite show. I love all the characters and wish they’d all move into my neighborhood. They can all be my bbf.