On Air Contests

Every week, Soft Rock B105.7 has plenty of chance for you to win prizes and tickets. Below is a list of contests this week that you'll hear on B105.7!

Week of October 27th



Tough Trivia

This week, answer Sean's Tough Trivia question of the day this week and be entered to win tickets to the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show!

And remember winning is easier when you listen to Sean Copeland weekday mornings around 6:50...that's when he tells you the correct answer to each day's question. Details


Free Ticket Box Office

We're Takin' Care of christmas by making it a thousand times easier! Here's how easy it is to win....Listen to B105.7 every morning at 8:40. Sean Copeland will tell you exactly when to listen for your name and win $1000 that day! Register here.