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HOMETOWN:   Wolf Lake, IL (Population 300..counting dogs & cats)

CAREER HISTORY:   When I was in high school, my friend’s dad owned a radio station..I begged him for a job and thinking it would be awkward to reject his son’s friend, he hired me.  Since then I’ve worked in Dayton, Tulsa, St.Louis, Sacramento, Kansas City, and now Indianapolis.

FAVORITE LIVE MUSIC VENUE:   Any small intimate venue where I can sit and be sung a coffee shop.  Here in town I love the Circle Theatre and Symphony on the Prarie in the summertime!

FAVORITE CONCERT I’VE EVER BEEN TO:   Garth Brooks.  Even if you’re not a country music fan..the dude knows how to put on a show!

MOVIES:   Groundhog Day is my favorite movie of all time. I also never met a documentary I didn’t like. I recenlty got a great one from the library about asparagus farming. If you check it out (you know you want to), let me know what you think!

TELEVISION:   Seinfeld is the best show that’s ever been on television. There you have it.  The matter is settled.  Other than that.. Modern Family, The Middle, Parks & Recreation, Breaking Bad, and PBS Frontline (see previous note about my love of documentaries).

WEBSITES TO VISIT:   You mean asside from :) I’m semi addicted to Facebook and Twitter. The things people put out there for public consumption greatly amuses me.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT ABOUT ME:  I was named after John Lennon’s son Sean..and I once ran for political office (and lost).

FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANTS:  Bluebeard, Yats, Iozzos, Napolese.. I could go on. Seriously. That’s like asking a mother to name her favorite child :)

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORK:  Getting up in the middle of the night.. oh wait, I thought you said “least” favorite thing.

TYPICAL BREAKFAST:   Old man Fiber cereal and coffee w/ lots of cream and fake sugar!

FAVORITE ROADTRIP FROM INDY:   Chicago. A show at 2nd City + a Portillo’s hot dog + Giordano’s pizza = a great weekend!

LIKE TO COOK?  Yeah..I’m trying to master the art of BBQ on my smoker (low and slow baby..low and slow).

PETS: A golden doodle rescue named Brady.

THREE OF MY EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS:  Coffee, Iced tea, Diet Mt. Dew (I’m very beverage centric).

THREE THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE:  1) Go the airport with no destination in mind and just buy a ticket to a random place on the spot. 2) See the Pacers win an NBA championship. 3) Learn how to change a tire (I seriously don’t know how, so if you see me on the side of 465..please stop and help).

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