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BREAKING: Stranger Things Confirms Season 4

The Netflix series officially confirmed there will be a Season 4 of the groundbreaking show.

Screenshot from Stranger Things Twitter


YESSSSS! It's official! Stranger Things will be back for another (final?) season. 

There's no date of when the fourth season is expected to be back for us to binge, but until Monday Netflix and Stranger Things hadn't confirmed that there would be another season following the 4th of July season three release this past summer.  

A lot of folks online seem to believe that the hit show will follow it's first three release date patterns. 

Season 1: July 2016

Season 2: October 2017

Season 3: July 2019

Season 4: ? (Hopefully October 2020)

The big takeaway from this announcement is the emphasis on not being in Hawkins anymore. 

*Spoiler alert!*

At the end of season three we saw Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and Eleven - now a part of the Byers family - picking up and moving away from the dreaded Hawkins, Indiana. 

Then, if you stayed through the start of the credits of the finale, we jumped all the way to Russia to see that the Russians had "The American" in captivity, and that they had themselves their own demogorgon to torture prisoners with. 

Who could "The American" be? Hopper? Brenner?

Looks like we'll find out hopefully next fall in Stranger Things 4. 

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