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Indy’s Best Pet Hotels & Doggie Daycares: Your Furballs Will Have as Much Fun on Vacation as You!

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Spring Break is fast-approaching and you may have been so hard at work planning YOUR vacation that you probably forgot about Fido! Well, here's your reminder! Indy has tons of awesome Pet Hotels and dog walking & pet-sitting services that will ensure Fido or Fluffy will have just as much fun on vacation as you do! Here's our picks:




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Downtown Doggie

Reviews: 4.5 stars Yelp / 5 stars FB / 4.5 stars Google

Services: Daycare, Boarding, Training, Home Service Dog Walking, Grooming

Cost: $25 per day when you buy 10 day pass at $250, $30 per day no pass

About: The Indy Downtown Doggie offers an affordable and fun atmosphere for urban doggies. In addition to daycare services, they also offer several types of obedience training, overnight suites, pick up and drop off options + onsite grooming.

Contact: 925 E Vermont Street | 317.979.2665

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Reviews: 5 stars Yelp / 5 stars FB / 5 stars Google

Services: Daycare, Boarding + Grooming

Cost: Daycare full ($25) or half day ($15) . Overnight boarding daily and multi-day ($10 additional charge added to daily charge for daycare)

About: Born and raised in a small farm town in Southern Indiana, Alex grew up with a love for all animals.  He moved to the big city of Indianapolis in 2009, to set out on his dream to pursue Culinary school.  He graduated and found out that he was drawn to do something more. Alex started working at a dog daycare business and worked with all types of dogs for 6 years.  He lives and loves downtown Indianapolis and realized the need to have a business in this area.  When the opportunity arose, he decided to chase it.  He is now "fetching" after his dream to run his own daycare and live by the motto, "If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life."

Contact: 1025 N New Jersey St | 317.840.8863

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Furry Godmother

Reviews: 5 Stars Yelp / Indy A-List #1 Best Pet Sitting + Best Dog Walker / Angie’s List Super Service Award

Services: Pet-Sitting Service

Cost: N/A

About: Whether you are going on vacation, needing some time to yourself, or at work, Your Furry Godmother is available to ensure that your pet is well taken care of. We are a mobile service, making it possible for you to head out the door with ease. No more transporting to daycare, and no more worrying about the stress that some of them feel, while you are away. 

Contact: 317.614.5360

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Tender Loving Pets Doggy Daycare


Reviews: 4.5 stars Yelp / 4.9 stars Facebook / 4.9 stars Google

Services: Daycare Facility + Grooming

Cost: Full day $30, Half day $15, Overnight $38, Save $30 when you buy a 10-day package!

About: We provide a fun, clean, and safe environment for dogs. Our friendly, experienced staff members know dogs and owners by name. We give personal care and attention to each and every dog. Play is constantly supervised. Tender Loving Pets Doggy Daycare gives you peace of mind and gives your dog socialization skills. We provide roomy, crate-free boarding for our guests every day of the year. Please contact us to make a reservation, as we fill up quickly, especially during holidays. In addition to our weekday schedule, we offer pick-up and drop-off twice a day on weekends.

Contact: 717 N Capitol Ave | 317.631.3647

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Puppy Playground Downtown

Reviews: 4.5 stars Yelp / 4.9 stars Facebook / 5 stars Google

Services: Daycare, Boarding + Grooming

Cost: Full Day $25, Half Day 12.50, Overnight Stay $10

About: Puppy Playground is Indy's premier dog daycare & boarding center! Take home a tired dog after hours of cage-free play with their friends! Boarding dogs play all day in our daycare & sleep overnight in comfy suites.

Contact: 5266 E 65th St | 317.373.7297 

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Circle City Pet Care

Reviews: 5 stars Yelp / 4.8 stars Facebook / 5 stars Google

Services: Daycare & Boarding + Dog Walking & Grooming

Cost: Pet Sitting $13 per day / $17 Overnight. In-Home pet sitting$15-$45 depending on length and total visits requested

About: At Circle City Pet Care you can expect the best in both professional and personal care for your pet. Boarding, Daycare, Grooming, Dog Walking, and More.... Our customers appreciate the fact that their pets are cared for as if we are an extension to your family. We realize that some of our clients require even more special attention, so we open our home to those pets who just need a friend to help them through those days when Mom or Dad are away. We know how tough those days can be, too. So, we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you and your pet the best service in pet boarding and pet grooming in the city.

Contact: 7511 Westfield Blvd | 317.266.9555

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Two Mutts and a Wiener

Reviews: 5 stars Yelp, 5 stars Facebook

Services: Daycare, Boarding + Grooming

Cost: Daycare: $25 a day. Schedule a full groom and get free daycare for that day. Boarding: $30 per day for 1st dog, $15 each additional.

About: We are as crazy about dogs as you are! We provide fun, cage-free dog daycare, full service grooming and boarding. We are professional dog lovers committed to providing the utmost in care and professionalism. Our business is taking care of your furry friends and we are pleased to offer a variety of services we are sure you and your pet will love. When you leave your pets with us, you are leaving a furry child and that's a responsibility we take very seriously.

Contact: 2989 W 71st Street | 317.679.2478

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Golden Post Kennel

Reviews:  4.7 stars Facebook / 4.8 stars Google

Services: Boarding, Daycare + Grooming and Training available

Cost: Boarding $20 / Day for dogs, $12 / day for cats. $5 per playtime. Daycare $15

About: Our guests reside in suites with an outdoor patio. In pleasant weather, our guests have access to the patios at all times. We keep our guests comfortable with central air conditioning and radiant heat during extreme weather.

Housekeeping visits each individual suite at least twice a day (more if necessary) to provide fresh bedding and fresh water. All outside areas are cleaned as needed. Room service is also available twice a day. Both housekeeping and room service are included in the daily board fee.

Contact: 4158 N. State Road 135, Franklin, IN | 317.422.8567

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Noah’s Caring Hands Animal Hospital at Geist

Reviews: 4 stars Yelp, 4.7 stars Facebook, 4.6 stars Google

Services: VeterinarianBoarding & Grooming

About: At Noah’s Caring Hands Animal Hospital, we believe that quality animal health care goes well beyond just medical services. As part of our commitment to providing complete care for your animal companion, we also offer full service boarding and professional grooming services. We want to become your one-stop-shop for all of your pet care needs! Our state of the art boarding facility features all of the creature comforts your pet needs to feel comfortable, safe and loved while you’re away. From soft bedding to daily exercise to plenty of attention and TLC from our caring, compassionate staff, your dog or cat will feel right at home with us! Best of all, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your companion is in excellent hands while you’re away.

Cost: Varies on size of dog. Prices range from $17-$35 / day

Contact: 7815 Sunnyside Road | 317.823.6922

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Pet Palace

Reviews: 4.5 stars Yelp / 4.5 stars Google / 4.8 stars Facebook

Services: Boarding, Daycare, Grooming

Cost: Small dogs $25.75 / day, Large dogs $28.75 / day, Cats $17.75/day for boarding, Daycare: $20 / day dogs, $10 / day cats.

About: Looking for the perfect place in Indianapolis to board your furry friend? Pet Palace is the place for you! Just like all of our locations, our Indianapolis/Carmel location allows you to drop off your dog or cat at your convenience with the assurance that your pet will receive top-notch care, whether just for the day or overnight! Our facility is fully staffed with friendly and knowledgeable professionals and equipped with everything your pet needs to relax. Book your reservation for pet boarding in Indianapolis today!

Contact: 9502 Angola Ct, Indianapolis | 317.224.1080

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Lucky Dog Retreat

Reviews: 3.5 stars Yelp, 5 stars Google, 4.9 stars FB

Services: Daycare, Boarding & Training

Cost: $25 / day for daycare, $36 / day for boarding

About: Our mission is to have a place for dogs to stay and play so people can work and travel and do what they need to do and still have a happy, healthy dog. All day supervised play in the playroom with outside access + webcams so you can watch your pup play!

Contact: 5990 E 71st St | 317.849.5555

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Camp Bow Wow Carmel

Reviews: 4 stars Yelp / 4.4 stars Facebook / 3.8 stars Google

Services: Daycare, Boarding & Grooming

Cost: Daycare $27 / day + packages for 10+ Days with discounts, Boarding cost N/A

About: Camp Bow Wow® is the leading pet care franchise and is all about Happy Healthy Pets and Happy Healthy People. At Camp Bow Wow - Carmel, we have a "open play" atmosphere and provide three separate indoor or/outdoor play areas. Were a dog can be a dog!

Contact: 489 Gradle Dr, Carmel | 317.580.0446

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Zionsville Country Kennel

Reviews: 5 stars Yelp, 4.8 stars Facebook, 4.6 stars Google

Services: Boarding, Daycare, Training, Grooming

Cost: Boarding $33.50 / day, exercise sessions $8, discounts for frequent boarders

About: We're a caring canine community that's feline friendly (even avian accepting) with all four on the floor. Bring your pet today for boarding, training, kennel camp, grooming, socialization and exercise. Serving Indianapolis' pet lovers since, um...well we can't remember. After all, how's that saying go? Like us on Facebook and be privy to promotions, discounts, and an unending stream of pictures of your best buddies having the times of their lives!

Contact: 5370 S Indianapolis Rd, Whitestown | 317.769.6172

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All Pet Health Care by Noah's Greenfield

Reviews: 5 stars Google,

Services: Pet Boarding + Grooming

About: Our upscale facility features Noah’s Condos, Runs and Cat Cottages with a view. We’d love to become your pet’s home away from home and provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your special friend is in excellent hands while you’re away. We like to think of it as the place where pets get to enjoy the “suite” life!

Cost: Condos $22/day; Runs $20/day; 10-50# cages: $17/day; Cat cottages: $11.50/day

Contact: 2195 W US Hwy 40 Greenfield | 317.462.1218

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Noah’s Brandywine Animal Hospital

Reviews: 3.8 stars Google

Services: Veterinarians, Pet Boarding + Grooming

About: For more than 15 years, the people of Greenfield, IN and Hancock County have been entrusting their pets to Noah’s Brandywine Animal Health Care Center to provide compassionate and competent veterinary care and exceptional service. Each member of our highly skilled team of veterinary professionals share the same goal of developing lifelong relationships with our valued clients while delivering the best animal health care services available to improve and extend the lives of their beloved pets..

Cost: 51-100 lbs $20/day; Cages 10-50lbs: $17/day; Cats: $11.50/day

Contact: 1479 N State St. Greenfield | 317.462.7818

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Camp Bow Wow Lawrence

Reviews: 5 stars Yelp, 4.7 stars Google, 4.6 stars Facebook

Services: Daycare, Boarding & Grooming

Cost: Daycare $27 / day + packages for 10+ Days with discounts, Boarding cost N/A

About: Camp Bow Wow® is the leading pet care franchise and is all about Happy Healthy Pets and Happy Healthy People. At Camp Bow Wow - Carmel, we have a "open play" atmosphere and provide three separate indoor or/outdoor play areas. Were a dog can be a dog!

Contact: 10830 Pendleton Pike | 317.709.1956

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Puppy Playground Rockville Road

Reviews: 4.5 stars Yelp / 4.9 stars FB / 5 Stars Google

Services: Daycare, Boarding + Grooming

Cost: Full Day $25, Half Day 12.50, Overnight Stay $10

About: Puppy Playground is Indy's premier dog daycare & boarding center! Take home a tired dog after hours of cage-free play with their friends! Boarding dogs play all day in our daycare & sleep overnight in comfy suites.

Contact: 7224 Rockville Road | 317.222.8185

Social: FB Page


noahs westside animal


Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital

Reviews: 4 Stars Yelp, 3 stars Google, 3.8 stars Yellowpages

Services: Veterinarian, Boarding & Grooming

About: We offer comprehensive medical, dental, diagnostic and surgical care as well as boarding and grooming services to provide your dog, cat or exotic animal with the complete care he or she needs to achieve a lifetime of good health. We invite you to come by, take a tour of our facilities and meet our friendly, knowledgeable staff. Whatever your companion’s veterinary and/or pet care needs, we’re prepared to assist – every step of the way!

Cost: under 50 lbs. $15, 50-100 lbs. $17 and over 100 lbs. $19 / day. $2 surcharge for Holiday boardings

Contact: 6136 Crawfordsville Road | 317.244.7651

Social: FB Page



Find and book local dog sitters and walkers. Each user has a profile where you can see their picture, pricing, experience, services offered, reviews and availability.

Noah's Animal Hospitals & the Humane Society for Hamilton County are teaming up to help find loving homes for cats and dogs in local Indianapolis animal shelters.


About Noah's Animal Hospitals: Noah’s Animal Hospitals are a family of veterinary clinics serving the Indianapolis, IN area and surrounding communities. With eight convenient locations to serve you, including two 24 hour locations,Noah’s is dedicated to providing you and your pet with the best possible health care and exceptional client service, exceeding your expectations with every interaction. In fact, they like to consider themselves “the best friend of your best friend.”




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