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Fill Your Empty Nest: Best Dogs for Your Home and Lifestyle

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Photo Credit: MASAHIKO NARAGAKI / Getty Images

Welcome to the Empty Nesters Club!

YOU DID IT!!! You spent countless nights & weekends at their sports events, endless nights reading the same bedtime story over & over again and a few terrifying hours in the car teaching your 'baby' how to parallel park! In the 30 seconds it took for them to walk across the stage at graduation, shake hands and get their diploma, you realize that little boy or girl is about to venture out in to a brave new world without you.

What's next for you? You're about to keep yourself incredibly busy reverting bedrooms into offices, tackling the attic/basement storage, and not worrying about what your kid is doing every moment. You did an amazing job raising a young adult! Now it's time to focus on yourself again :) but we know it's not easy letting go of your maternal/paternal instinct to take care of someone—which is why adopting a dog is exactly what you need! 


What are the benefits to owning a dog?

Dogs can help fill the house for empty nesters. They can provide companionship and someone to take care of. There are even studies that say dogs can lower blood pressure and reduce stress.  Plus, walking them everyday will help keep you in shape!

You have a lot to consider before choosing the right dog for your household: 

• Do you want a more snuggly lap dog?

• Do you want a loud watchdog to make you feel safe? Or a quiet dog to just relax around the house with?

• Do you want an active dog who will keep you out-and-about?


Maltese Dog

Photo Credit: Utenzilije / Getty Images


This ball of fluff is perfectly happy keeping your lap warm, but they're also excited to get outside and play, or learn new tricks! Don't be fooled by its small stature—they're pretty fearless! They'll make new friends in no time!


Corgi Dog

Photo Credit:  / Getty Images


These short-legged dogs are small, but mighty! Originally bred for herding, Corgis are athletic and have a working dog's mind—they're highly trainable and loyal dogs.


Greyhound Dog

Photo Credit: lariko3 / Getty Images


Though Greyhounds are known for their speed & agility, they actually don't need a ton of exercise. This gentle, intelligent breed is very low key, so if you can't take them for a long walk or run one day, they're completely fine being a "couch potato." 


Poodle Dog

Photo Credit: MASAHIKO NARAGAKI / Getty Images


There are 3 sizes of poodles: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. No matter the size, poodles are very personable, easy to train dogs with a lively sense of humor. They're also low-shedding dogs and their coat is often cited as hypoallogenic.



No matter what the breed, if you have a loving home and the time to care, nurture, & train a dog, you'll have a loyal, affectionate companion FURever!

Your new family member is waiting for you to choose them and ready for all the love & attention you're ready to give! Noah's Animal Hospitals and Indianapolis Animal Care & Control are teaming up to help find loving homes for dogs and cats in local Indianapolis animal shelters.

See who's available to adopt:

Best Dogs for Empty Nesters

1 of 8
Dog: Mike
Dog: Nicholas
Dog: Kit Kat
Cat: Garfield
Cat: Maribelle
Dog: Maxwell
Dog: Princess
  • Dog: Mike
  • Huckelberry
  • Dog: Nicholas
  • Dog: Kit Kat
  • Cat: Garfield
  • Cat: Maribelle
  • Dog: Maxwell
  • Dog: Princess
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Indianapolis Animal Control & Noah's Animal Hospitals...

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