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Five Mannheim Steamroller Albums You Must Listen to Before Decembers Show!


This year marks the 32nd Anniversary of the Christmas Tour and release of Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, an album that revolutionized the Holiday Season music category. Mannheim Steamroller will be at Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University on Thursday, December 14th to spread the Christmas cheer. To get you ready for the concert, here's Mannheim Steamroller's Top 5 albums to get you in the spirit!


1. Christmas in the Aire- This album is the third Christmas album Mannheim has ever released and was released in 1995. That year it was released, it was the biggest-selling holiday album in the United States. This Quadruple Platinum album still reigns as the fifth best-selling holiday album in the U.S.. 

2. A Fresh Aire Christmas- In this 6th best-selling holiday album in the U.S., Mannheim adds the majestic fanfare of a brass choir. "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" resounds with vibrant glory that can only be created from brass instruments. This album is one that is sure to satisfy any set of ears.  


3. Mannheim Steamroller Christmas- This album is where it al began for Mannheim Steamroller. This was the first Christmas album that they ever released. This album contains classics that everyone recognizes and begins to sing along to.


4. Christmas Extraordinaire- This album aims to resurrect the spirit of preceding holiday releases by Mannheim. It is yet again an album filled with holiday classics. Some of the featured songs include "Hallelujah," "White Christmas," "Away in a Manger," and "Winter Wonderland," among others.

5. 30/40- This album is the most recent Christmas album that Mannheim has released. The name of this album has brought upon confusion for many but makes perfect sense once you understand the meaning on the title. Check out this video below for preview of 30/40 Live!


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