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Get Your House in Shape with 3 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

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Here’s the thing with Spring... everyone is going stir-crazy after a long winter of being cooped up inside and cleaning is on the top of everyone's minds.

All sorts of germs entered your house during cold & flu season, your HVAC has been working around the clock to keep you from freezing (which means dust has undoubtedly piled up in there), and you’re now realizing how much stuff you’ve accumulated this season.

But where do you even start? How can you find time to get your house ready for Spring with your schedule and Spring Break coming up?

Don't stress about tackling the ENTIRE house right away. Channel your inner-Monica and start with these 3 easy Spring cleaning tips!

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YOUR VENTS. Like we said, your HVAC system has been working around the clock this winter. But while you were still layering blankets over you, layers of dust & dirt did too in your vents. If you don’t have them cleaned, you’ll be circulating that same dust & dirt this Spring (and NOBODY with allergies wants THAT)!

You know how we were talking about that time thing? How we don’t have enough of it? Here comes the best part… all you have to do for this is pick up a phone and call Howald Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing. They’ll take care of the rest so your Spring Break is just that… A BREAK.

Talk about an easy transition into Spring cleaning ;)

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Focusing on one or two areas that desperately need an overhaul can make the biggest difference. It can be as small as your pantry—because you can never find what you’re looking for and when you do, it expired 2 years ago—or it can be as big as the closet in the extra room where everything goes to “storage.”

Whatever areas you decide on… take everything out. Yup, ALL OF IT. Put it ALL on the floor.

It has to get worse before it gets better! :)

Look at everything you have one by one. Has it expired? Is it out of style? Have you used it in the past year? Do you see yourself using it in the next year? Do you even like it anymore? Ask yourself these questions then put each item in a Keep, Sell, Toss, or Donate pile.

TIP: Use the Marie Kondo method for clothing, furniture, and miscellaneous items. Once you decide what you’re keeping, follow @neatmethod for organizing inspo!




We know you clean your bathroom every few weeks (well, we hope you do haha), but we're talking about a DEEP clean. Like... get out an old/cheap toothbrush for scrubbing. Bathrooms are one of the most important areas to Spring clean in your house—and probably the most loathed. Here's everything you need to hit:

• Sprinkle your favorite carpet cleaner on your bath mats and vacuum out that moldy water smell and all that hairspray that made its way into the fibers.

• Snake the drain of your bathroom sinks. 

• Clean your showerhead & faucets with the white vinegar in a bag method. Let it sit for hours or even better, overnight.

• Scrub the grout of your bathroom tile and shower tile.

• Clean EVERY INCH of your toilet—under the rim with the toilet scrubber, the base (this is where that old toothbrush comes in handy with all the nooks & crannies), the attachements of the seat, the handles, and the seat cover (top & bottom).



Still need Spring cleaning inspo? If anyone taught us how quick & easy cleaning can be when you have a song to sing along to, it’s Mary. So turn up B105.7, and SNAP, it’s a game ;)


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