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Energy Drinks That Won't Break Your Healthy Lifestyle

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LIFE. IS. BUSY. The alarm goes off and you immediately go into panic mode asking yourself:

“Did I oversleep? Did I move my clothes from the washer to the dryer last night so I can wear that shirt to my meeting? Uh oh, am I supposed to have that presentation ready for today? Which one of my kids has a dentist appointment after school? How many cups of coffee can I drink before it just becomes part of my blood system?”

Yes, the day-to-day is exhausting. You had every intention of lifting weights at the gym, going to that fitness class, training for that marathon… but here it is... the end of the day... and you’re wondering where the time went and how you have no energy left.

You’ll never reach your goals if you don’t prioritize YOURSELF. It’s okay to grab an energy/sports drink to give yourself that boost to the finish line! It’s marathon season and in any endurance sport, you’re breaking down the nutrients in your body — you may need some sort of energy/sports drink to replenish your energy and keep it fueled.


Are you training for the Monumental Marathon coming up November 3rd in Indy? 


Every day you hit the pavement or the treadmill makes a difference — that finish line on Monument Circle is begging you to cross it!

Franciscan Health is here to help you with all your race day needs — preparation, what to wear, eat and drink, mental preparation, and even race recovery! They even offer FREE injury checks to make sure you won't be sidelined for something you've been working so hard for. CLICK HERE to find a time & a location nearest you for a FREE injury check.


Franciscan Health does not endorse the following products or services and recommends that you always consult your physician prior to changing your diet or fitness routine. 


What are some energy/sports drink options I can add into my healthy lifestyle?


Beet It Sport

Beet It has brand ambassadors all over the world with incredible stories of how this product helped them in their running, biking, Cross Fit, and other races.

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Thanks to Chris Mangion for such an excellent and honest review of our Beet It Sport products below 👇: . . “I always believed that results are achieved by hours of training, however after including Beet It Sport in my dietary routine I noticed changes that I cannot attribute simply to the increase in training time. I now take Beet It Sport Shot about an hour before training or racing and noticed that I can hammer harder for longer. I can push my legs further before I feel the sting from the lactic due to the increase of nitrate in blood, improved oxygen delivery and increase in the count of red blood cells. This leads to more endurance, better performance and also aid recovery. On long sessions I replaced a flapjack with a Beet It bar. Comparing my times this season with last year the difference amounts to minutes not seconds. This is partly due to the increase in training, but supplementing with Beet It has led to a reduced level of fatigue. Dropping other riders on the Xaghra & Ramla Bay climbs during XTERRA Gozo and shaving 14 minutes off last year’s MCF Time Trial proved that dedication and training together with the correct nutrition pays off and Beet It is definitely one of the factors which is helping me go further. For me Beet It works and does make a difference. If you are looking to get a boost in endurance I recommend you go out and try Beet It Sport for yourself."

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“tailwind mixes with water to meet your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, no matter how big a day’s in front of you.”

The creator of tailwind came up with the idea after he finished a 100 mile race and had his head in a trash can because the supplements he took was, to quote him, a “gut bomb.” He wanted to find a product that worked FOR athletes. Now tailwind is trusted and used by thousands because it was made by an athlete just like them.


tailwind Trailblazers are always posting their testimonies & race accomplishments. Get inspired by searching #tailwindtrailblazer on Instagram!



CELSIUS is a Fitness Drink which has been clinically proven to accelerate metabolism and burn calories & body fat while providing healthy energy. After a long day at work, or with the kids, or just people in general, it’s nice to kick yourself back into gear with a CELSIUS and head to the gym, a run, a bike ride, or training for some healthy solo-time!

Basically, they have every option you need:

  • Naturals (to keep in the fridge at home/work)
  • On-The-Go packets (to stick in your bag when your schedule is too hectic)
  • and HEAT (pre-workout drink to “take your workout to the next degree”)

FUN FACT: It’s KETO friendly!


BANG energy

BANG energy drinks have creatine & BCAA's in them — both enhance your workout performance and boost muscle strength. There are tons of highly rated reviews on this drink! A lot of them said they felt enough energy with just half of the can, they felt more focused in their workouts, and there was no crash (because there's no sugar!), plus, they all taste delicious!



This organic energy drink has many professional athletes drinking it pre and post workout! Their community, the Hiballers, definitely have their favorite flavors and love the bubbly, sparkling water taste!

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