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New Year, New.. Fido? 13 Tips to a Healthy 2018 with your Pet

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Fluffy and Fido may not hold you accountable to show up to a workout, but with an estimated 59% of Cats and 54% of Dogs in the United States being Overweight or Obese it's up to us to make our furballs' lives healthier and more vital! So, pay attention to what you're feeding your pet, take them to any Noah's Animal Hospitals location for their veterinary check-ups and keep them active! From the Yogis to the 13.1'ers to the New Year's Resolutioners, there's tons of way to stay active with your pet:



1. For the Yogis:

Keep an eye out for the following events:

CAN YOU SAY BUNNY YOGA?! Metazoa's Ales and Oms brought in adoptable bunnies in December:



2. For the Runners:

3 Dog Friendly Runs & 5Ks to run this winter:


3. For the Pudgy cat:

Fluffy struggling to jump up on the couch? Click here for some advice from on helping your pudgy cat drop some pounds.



4-13. For Everyone: 10 Ways to Exercise with your Pet

1. Interval walk
"So many pet owners consider walking their pets a chore, like making the bed," says Peterson. "Instead, think of it as a way for you both to get exercise, as an essential part of your pet's good health." A quick walk down the block to pee and back isn't enough activity, he says. Multiple short walks a day may be best for very young, very old, or physically challenged dogs, says Cruz. But for other pets, take longer strolls that increase your pet's heart rate (at least 15 to 20 minutes), which will boost his metabolism. One way to do this is to add intervals, suggests Peterson. Here's how.

·       1 minute: walk

·       20 seconds: jog

·       1 minute: walk

·       20 seconds: shuffle sideways

·       1 minute: walk

·       20 seconds: run backward

Repeat 5 times and you'll get in a decent 20-minute cardio workout. "Your dog will get excited because you're always changing things up—just as fired up as he would be from a treat," Peterson says.

2. Fetch tease for abs
Crunch and tone your tummy while your dog sprints to play fetch.
How to: Grab your pet's favorite fetch toy and get down on the floor in sit-up position. Hold the toy as you do a sit-up, and pretend to toss it as you reach the top. Fido will chase after it, only to realize you still have his toy. Do another sit-up, and pretend to toss the toy again. Try to get in as many reps as you can until your dog stops chasing and playing along.

3. Squat tease
Firm your butt and thighs while your dog gets his jump on.
How to: Stand with legs shoulder-width apart. Squat and tap your dog with his favorite toy. As you rise, lift the toy above your head; your dog will jump up for it.

4. Dogstacle course
This is circuit training for you and your pet.
How to: Place fitness gear throughout your backyard, as though you're creating an obstacle course (only do this in a fenced-in area). Think fitness step, bosu ball, jump rope, hula hoop, etc. Place your dog on a leash and briskly walk through the course together. At each station, stop and do a specific exercise, like modified push-ups on the step or balancing moves on the bosu ball. Some well-trained dogs may sit still while you work out, but if he doesn't, no biggie. If your pooch runs off, that's part of the fun—you'll both get a good sprint when you chase him to bring him back. Your dog will love the quality time with you and the fast-paced walking between your stations.

5. Dog tag
Just like the game you played as a kid, this is good sprinting exercise for you and your pooch.
How to: You're it: "Tag" your dog, then start running around your backyard and let him chase you. After a few minutes, you'll both get your heart rates soaring.

6. Fetch races
Your dog won't be the only one playing fetch in this game.
How to: Head to your backyard or a park and throw your pup's favorite toy—only this time, race her to pick it up (a great way to get your blood pumping). Then wrestle the toy from her grasp, toss, and race her for it again.



7. Dog stairs
Climbing steps together will sculpt your legs and help your pup burn off his breakfast.
How to: Leash your pooch and pick a long staircase, either in your house, or perhaps the bleachers at a nearby school. Go up and down the stairs with your pet by your side, and vary the way you step for a more challenging workout: Take steps two at a time, widen your stance so you step up in a "V," run up the steps sideways, and more.

8. Cat "light" abs
We didn't forget about your kitty—she needs to stay active too. "Getting a feline to frolic can be hard work," says Cruz. "As cats leave their mischievous kitten stage of life, learning what makes your cat frisky can take some trial and error." This move tones your tummy and gets your cat up and at 'em.
How to: Do sit-ups with a mini flashlight in each hand. At the top position, tighten your ab muscles while waving the flashlight beams back and forth on the wall—your cat will chase them.

9. Cat "light" cardio
A mock jump rope exercise with flashlights will get your heart pumping as your cat chases the light.
How to: Hold a mini flashlight in each hand, about 10 feet away from a wall. Pretend to jump rope (you're not actually holding a rope, just mimic the motion with your arms and legs). The light will bounce on the wall in front of you, and your cat will get a short burst of exercise as she tries to catch the light.



10. Curious cat curls
Sculpt your biceps while your cat jumps and stretches.
How to: Tie a light toy with a string to your dumbbells. Fluffy will go crazy trying to catch the toy as you curl up and down.


Whether you want to do some DOGA or pump out some cat curls, plenty of pups and cats at the Humane Society for Hamilton County who would love to be part of your family this year! See who's available to adopt this month right here:

Hamilton County Humane Society - Available Pets: January 2018

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Charles Jay
Contact info to adopt: | 317-773-4974



Noah's Animal Hospitals & the Humane Society for Hamilton County are teaming up to help find loving homes for cats and dogs at their Noblesville location.

About Noah's Animal Hospitals: We are a family owned, locally operated group of veterinary clinics serving the Indianapolis, IN area and surrounding communities. With eight convenient locations to serve you, including three 24 hour emergency hospitals, Noah’s is dedicated to providing you and your pet with the best possible health care and exceptional client service, exceeding your expectations with every interaction. In fact, they like to consider themselves “the best friend of your best friend.”

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