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#The80sCalledAnd Here's What It Wants You To Know

The hashtag went viral on Twitter over the last few days. Let's reminisce!

Ahhh, the 1980's. 

It was the time of cult classic movies, mall rats, big hair, stereotypical jocks - basically everything you see in Stranger Things. In a Back To The Future type of event, the past few days on Twitter have been filled with the decade's nostalgia. 

#The80sCalledAnd here's what it wants you to know in 2019. 

Oh yeah. Every Halloween you'll see a handful of "80's girls" wandering around your party dressed head-to-toe in neon. If you ever want an easy costume to just be able to shrug off or - better yet - avoid the "what's your costume?" conversation than this is the way to go.  

The Breakfast Club is a top-3 thing that comes to mind whenever anyone ever even mentions the 80's. It's almost like it's such a classic that anyone born in the 90's (I was born in '93) or later automatically has it programmed in them to somehow know about Breakfast Club from the moment they're born. 

I never remember a time - even when I was like 7 - that I'd hear 'Breakfast Club' and not think, "Gosh, what a classic."

Whoa, shots fired at all you 60's rockers, 70's Night Fever, 90's grungers and whatever my 17-year-old sister listens to today. 

It's tough to argue. You had the big hair rock bands, Michael Jackson was moonwalking all over everyone, and hip-hop was just being introduced on to the scene. They had a lot of options - great ones at that.  

This tweet would send almost every high schooler now into fits of confusion they've never experienced. First, what is that phone? Second, no caller ID? "So, what'd you do? Just hear it ring and go answer it like it was a mystery box in a game of jackpot?"

Yup. That's where the ol' "Hello? ___________(insert family name) residence" came from. 

Remakes are a big trend with the movies right now. But it's more so a 90's thing...

So, as a 1990's baby I'd like to hear more. Let me know what else the 80's is dialing up that it'd want us to know in 2019 @JoeyMulinaro

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