WATCH: Kids Become Terrified After Meeting "The Grinch"

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WATCH: Kids Become Terrified After Meeting "The Grinch"

This dad's post went viral on Facebook after setting up his kids to meet The Grinch.

Photo Credit: Joseph DeVito Facebook

Ahhh you see it every year. 

Little kiddos excited to go see Santa who then become terrified after seeing the jolly old man in the red suit. They make for classic baby photos - ones destined to embarrass them in front of their first boyfriend or girlfriend for years to come. 

But this meet and greet was different. This one wasn't with Mr. C. It was with The Grinch. 

Joseph DeVito posted on Facebook last night a video showing his kids looking to be waiting to take some family holiday photos being surprised by The Grinch. DeVito posted that "my kids wanted to meet him ". They met him, and they were terrified.


The sheer panic on their faces is priceless because you know since probably March his kids were begging and pleading to meet The Grinch this year for Christmas! 

Dad obliged, and now their favorite holiday classic is ruined for them forever. 

Also, what a Grinch costume? That's incredibly realistic. Bravo for the effort, and thanks for a good laugh. 

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