Indiana References in 'Stranger Things' Season 3

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Indiana References in 'Stranger Things' Season 3

It’s been four days since Stranger Things Season 3 returned to grace us with more 80’s nostalgia and adventures with the Hawkins, Indiana crew.

The Duffer Brothers drop their fair share of movie, TV, and sci-fi references throughout almost every episode, but with their main characters living in good ol’ small-town Indiana, there had to be a few Hoosier references that made you say “HEY! I’m from there! I know EXACTLY where/what they’re talking about!”

Before we get into them, here’s a just a little reminder that four days of a show being out online is like four weeks in the binge-crazy-Netflix-obsessed world we live in, so we’ll try our best not to drop too many spoilers, but if you haven’t watched by now—WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!


EPISODE 1: Purdue Pete Crewneck

It’s a rare tough time to be Steve Harrington. He’s fallen from grace from the Hawkins heartthrob with the hair of an 80’s icon to wearing a sailor outfit working at the new Starcourt Mall’s ice cream shop “Scoops Ahoy”.

He’s scooping away one day at work when a young girl orders ice cream and wouldn’t you know it, she’s rocking a Purdue Pete crewneck. She’s heading there that fall. Steve… not so much.