Remembering Grumpy Cat—Our Favorite Grumpiest Moments

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Remembering Grumpy Cat—Our Favorite Grumpiest Moments

The most beloved, grumpiest cat whose frown & grumpiness brought smiles & joy to all has passed away at the age of 7.

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Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, found her fame in 2012 when a picture of her on Reddit went viral. Fast forward a few years, countless memes, and millions of Instagram followers... Grumpy Cat has starred in movies, cartoons, books, attended awards shows, met celebrities, and became the most famous cat on the internet.

She's known for her frowning face (due to feline dwarfism), but there's so much more to that frown and attitude. Grumpy Cat hated most humans, animals, holidays... and, well, everything. She thought it was all awful and she wasn't afraid to tell you. THAT'S why everyone loved her (which she hated, of course)—Grumpy Cat was relatable and spoke for our grumpy sides when we were too polite ;)

The internet will never be the same, but the memes and your lessons will live on. Thank you, Grumpy Cat.


Our #1 grumpiest moments was the meme that started it all... the very first picture with Grumpy Cat's favorite word... "NO."

Grumpy Cat NO meme

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Grumpy Cat was always real with you. She was never afraid to speak her mind.

Grumpy Cat meme: if I have said or done anything to hurt you, i don't care.

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If Grumpy Cat didn't want to do something, she didn't.

Time to eat healthy and exercise, just kidding I'm ordering a pizza, grumpy cat meme

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Then these perfect coffee mugs came out because Grumpy Cat hated mornings too.

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mornings though... #amirite?

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That intense Grouch vs Grumpy staredown...


And of course Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever...


When these major celebrities were fan-catting over Grumpy Cat...


When Grumpy Cat met Garfield... and hated it.


When Grumpy Cat found out she was made into stuffed animals and memorabilia...


RIP Grumpy Cat! You'll be missed by all...

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