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Avoid the Comparison Trap

Be Your Best - Not Someone Else's Best

Remember back in school when you did really well on a test and were feeling really good about, until you saw that someone else did better … and all of the sudden you didn’t feel as good.

Of course this is just an academic thing or even a kid thing.  We all do this … you are feeling pretty good about the weight you lost, until you see someone else in better shape.  You are proud of your work and job, until you talk to someone else who is farther along in their career than you.

Often we find ourselves diminishing our accomplishments or unsatisfied with our life, not because of who we are – but because we are comparing ourselves to someone else.

I heard this recently – it was a quote from Jordan Peterson – “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.”

It’s good to strive to do better and to do our best – but that’s the key – it’s our best – not someone else’s best.

So our challenge today is to not compare ourselves to others, but look to be better version of ourselves tomorrow.


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