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Eric Allen's Elf on the Shelf Help

Day 1

Photo Credit: Eric Allen

If you do Elf on a Shelf in your home, you know it can be a fun tradition.  You may also find yourself cracking under the pressure of finding creative ways to display the Elf everyday (you can only do the last minute placement in the refigerator so often). Elf on The Shelf with Christmas ornaments and advent calendar

I've found it takes a village to raise and display an Elf on a Shelf.  Over the course of this month, I'll be sharing some of our ideas past & present and would love to get & display your ideas, too! Check them out below!

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Our Elf got creative overnight

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Elf on a Shelf self portrait

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From getting crazy with crazy glue, to taking a bubble-marshmallow bath with a Santa ducky, to getting all rolled up in the Fruit Roll-Ups... our Elf has had quite the adventure this season!

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Elf on the Shelf ideas we’ve done over the years

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